Why an Architect Should Design Your Home

An architect is the only design professional, who through education at major universities, internships, comprehensive licensing examinations, decades of exhaustive experience, and ongoing continuing education, that has the training, abilities & vision to best design your residence and buildings and guide them through construction into becoming real, built facilities.

YOUR HOME IS A HUGE INVESTMENT (make sure an architect designs it)..

Your home will usually cost several millions of Naira, perhaps more, depending on the features, size, location, & materials you want.  Would you buy your family’s vehicle from some unlicensed, unsupervised ladipo mechanics who say they “put together cars” but are not Ford, GM, Chrysler, LandRover, Hyundai, VW, Subaru, Toyota, Porsche, or one of the other major vehicle manufacturers?  And if those people proposing to build your vehicle had no degrees, education or experience? No! I may guess.  But your vehicles probably cost a lost less than your home!

You are in your residence during serious storm situations, when you need your house to shelter and protect you and your family; such as during high winds, ice and snow storms, earthquakes, heavy rains, hot, humid, dry weather and other harsh circumstances.  If your residence hasn’t been designed to handle those environmental conditions by knowledgeable, licensed, experienced, real architects, you and your family may have serious results or die. Would you purchase a vehicle from some fellows who threw it together in their garage, then would you take your family in it on a long trip at high speed?  Of course not; you certainly would never consider that.

So why take chances with your home? Your house is that special place in which you and your most-loved family members live.  It is just as important, if not More important than your car or SUV, wouldn’t you think?